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M51 Rehab Version

Category: Wheelchair / Power

Presented in a stylish compact size, the Pronto M51 power wheelchair with SureStep has true center-wheel drive performance for exceptional maneuverability and intuitive driving. The M51-R comes standard with a four-post seat mount and Invacare's adjustable ASBA rehab seating system.

With its innovative SureStep technology, the Pronto M51 provides a smooth, less jarring ride over transitions and thresholds up to two inches in height while maintaining stability. The Pronto M51 is attractively designed for optimum maneuverability and accessibility.

  • New four-post seat mount with adjustable ASBA rehab seat can be expanded in both width and depth. Four-post seat mount also allows for adjustable seat slope and can be retrofitted with a power tilt system.
  • SureStep technology allows for smooth driving over thresholds and transitions up to 2" in height.
  • 6 wheels on the ground provide optimum stability.
  • Sleek and Stylish new design with contoured shrouds available in Candy Red or Deep Blue Pearl.
  • Compact size for extremely tight overall turning radius

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