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Playmaker IROM Wraparound Knee Brace

Category: Braces & Supports

The wraparound design makes this brace ideal for those patients who have trouble applying a sleeve-style brace. It provides dependable support for mild to moderate ACL and/or PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities. The IROM Playmaker is ideal for post-op care following meniscal repairs as well as ACL/PCL reconstruction.

ACL and PCL versions feature patented 4-point dynamic leverage system:

  1. Anterior: The first point of leverage is the anterior thigh cuff. It acts as a point for rotating the femur anteriorly.
  2. Posterior: The second point of leverage is the posterior calf cuff. It acts as a point for rotating the tibia posteriorly.
  3. Posterior: The third point of leverage is a posterior thigh strap, which is applied while drawing the hinge bars posteriorly on the knee.
  4. Anterior: Incorporating the fourth point generates the crucial opposing force. By tightening and affixing the anterior tibial strap, the hinge is drawn into proper position, and the tibia is rotated posteriorly.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low profile
  • IROM range of motion hinge with contoured condyle shells
  • Versatile strapping- provides both ACL and PCL support
  • Additional full-circumference thigh strap for CI (Combined Instabilities) conversion

Models: Playmaker IROM Wraparound Knee Brace. Playmaker IROM Wraparound with Popliteal Cutout - prevents bunching of knee brace in the popliteal space.

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Product Specifications

  • X Small: 13"-15 1/2"
  • Small Size: 15 1/2"-18 1/2"
  • Medium Size: 18 1/2"-21"
  • Large Size: 21"-23 1/2"
  • X Large: 23 1/2"-26 1/2"
  • XX Large: 26 1/2"-29 1/2"
  • XXX Large: 29 1/2"-32"

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