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MaxTrax ROM Air Walker

Category: Braces & Supports

Provides protected range-of-motion following trauma or post-operative procedures. ROM settings between 45° plantar-flexion and 30° dorsi- flexion in 7.5° increments. Uprights will lock in fixed positions of 0,° 7.5,° 15,° 22.5,° 30° plantar and dorsi-flexion.

Features and Benefits:

  • Adjustable air chambers to accommodate changes in edema during rehab
  • Maximize patient compliance
  • Integrated pump designed to make the liner simple to inflate and adjust
  • Medial/lateral dual air cell system inflates sides equally
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Replacement Air Liner/ Tall Walker
  • Anterior/Posterior & Medial/Lateral Shells
  • Strap Replacement Kit
  • Liner Pad Kit

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