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Vaseline, Constant Conditioning Cream-Moisture Barrier Salve Cream

Category: Incontinence

Vaseline™* Constant Care™* Moisture Barrier Salve. Provides water-repellant moister barrier to help protect skin from exposure to fecal matter or wetness.
Vaseline™* Constant Care™* Conditioning Cream. Non-Greasy cream formulation that pentrates skin quickly. Leasves a light moisture barrier. Non irritating.

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Product Specifications

  • Conditioning Cream - 8884737300: 2 oz Tube
  • Conditioning Cream - 8884737400: 8 oz Bottle
  • Moisture Barrier Cream - 88884737500: 2 oz Tube
  • Moisture Barrier Cream - 88884737600 : 8 oz Tube

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