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Ben-e-Fit™ Adult Briefs

Category: Incontinence

Features & Benefits:

The Ben-e-Fit™
Adult Briefs are designed to ensure that individuals are wearing the right-sized product each and every time. The briefs feature Easy-Lock Fastener® tabs that will fasten only when they are placed in the Right Fit Zones™. This ensures the most comfortable, customized fit for the wearer. The ELF® closure tabs will not stick to gloves or skin and will securely fasten over and over again.Learn more and try out the Size Wise Sizing Guide at the Ben-e-Fit™ website!

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Product Specifications

  • Large - Blue-BN-013: (50" - 58") 72/Csae 4 bags of 18
  • X-Large - Beige-BN-014: (56" - 64") 60/Csae 4 bags of 15

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