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iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Category: Oxygen Concentrator

The iGo Portable Oxygen System is the perfect solution for keeping an active lifestyle.  This lightweight, 3-liter portable concentrator provides two modes of operation - continuous flow or DeVilbiss' reliable and safe PulseDose® delivery.  The iGo comes complete with a battery, AC power adapter, mains lead and DC power adapter.  It can be transported using a wheeled carry case for added portability.  The system includes the DeVilbiss Oxygen Sensing Device and service alerts to give peace of mind that the iGo is delivering exactly what is required.  This is Fitzsimmons' featured portable oxygen system.


- Control panel features an easy-to-read battery status gauge and liter flow controls
- PulseDose oxygen conserving technology extends the use time of the iGo Portable Oxygen System, offering increased mobility with improved comfort and increased efficiency
- If the unit is operating on AC power and the power is interrupted, then the iGo will automatically switch to battery operation
- Three handles molded into the body of the concentrator
- Easy-to-access filter compartment
- Audible alerts for Power Failure, Low Battery, Low Oxygen Output, High Flow/Low Flow, No Breath Detected in PulseDose Mode, High Temperature, Unit Malfunction
- iGo is powered by one battery which can last as long as 5.4 hours when operating at Setting 1 in PulseDose Mode
- No maintenance needed for three years

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Product Specifications

  • Flow Rate (L/Min) - 1.0: Continuous Flow Run-time approx. - 4.0 hrs
  • Flow Rate (L/Min) - 2.0: Continuous Flow Run-time approx. - 2.4 hrs
  • Flow Rate (L/Min) - 3.0: Continuous Flow Run-time approx. - 1.6 hrs
  • Flow Rate (L/Min) - 1.0: PulseDose (20 BPM) Run-time approx. - 5.4 hrs
  • Flow Rate (L/Min) - 2.0: PulseDose (20 BPM) Run-time approx. - 4.7 hrs
  • Flow Rate (L/Min) - 3.0: PulseDose (20 BPM) Run-time approx. - 4.0 hrs
  • Flow Rate (L/Min) - 4.0: PulseDose (20 BPM) Run-time approx. - 3.5 hrs
  • Flow Rate (L/Min) - 5.0: PulseDose (20 BPM) Run-time approx. - 3.2 hrs
  • Flow Rate (L/Min) - 6.0: PulseDose (20 BPM) Run-time approx. - 3.0 hrs

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