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SleepWeaver Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask

Category: CPAP Masks

The entire portion of the mask that contacts the skin is made of cloth
• One size fits all design
• The cloth mask forms a balloon that conforms to the patient’s face
• The seal formed by the soft cloth conforms to the patients individual facial features allowing for the best seal possible
• No rigid plastic clips, frames or buckles
• The cloth "breathes" and does not feel sticky
• No mask marks on the face in the morning
• Lightweight and flexible
• Due to the design of the SleepWeaver there is no jet of air with exhalation. Venting is through a series of small pinholes
• Contains no silicone or latex and is non-allergenic
• Can be cleaned by hand or in the washing machine
• Easy to store or to pack for travel
• 90 day manufacturer warranty

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