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Novasource Renal

by Nestlé

Category: Enteral Nutrition

kcal/mL: 2.0
Caloric Distribution (% of kcal)
Protein: 18%
Carbohydrate: 37%
Fat: 45%
 Protein Source: sodium and calcium caseinates, soy protein isolate
 NPC:N Ratio: 113:1
 Osmolality (mOsm/kg water): 800
Water: 72%
 Meets 100% RDI for 21 key micronutrients: 1000 mL

Appropriate for: lactose intolerance*, gluten-free, low-residue,

*Not for individuals with galactosemia
Reformulated to more closely meet specific recommentdations in the A.S.P.E.N. Clinical Guidelines:
 Nutrition Support in Acute and Chronic Renal Failure
 Provides 18% of calories from protein (90.7 g/L)
Calorically dense for patients who require a fluid restriction Standardized sodium, potassium, and chloride between brik pak and closed system container
Optimized electrolyte content (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus) to help manage imbalances
Nutritionally complete formula for tube feeding or oral supplementation
Closed system with SpikeRight® PLUS, the first commercially available proximal enteral connecting system uniquely designed to be incompatible with IV systems

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