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Pro Stat Sugar Free

Category: Enteral Nutrition

Pro-Stat® Sugar Free
is medical food intended for the dietary management for persons with
wound/pressure ulcers, at risk for pressure ulcers, PEM, unintentional weight
loss, or have low serum protein levels.
Indications for use:

Pressure Ulcers
Protein-Energy Malnutrition (PEM)
Involuntary Weight Loss
Low Serum Proteins
Bariatric Surgery
Fluid Restricted
All the Benefits of Sugar Free Pro-Stat®, now with enhanced taste and

Highest concentration iof protein and calories in 1 fl oz (15 g protein
& 100 kcals)
Clinically shown to promote wound healing1
Appropriate for residents/patients with protein nutrition needs, including
those with Renal Disease and Diabetes

Now available in 4 great tasting flavors:
Citrus Splash (New), Grape,
Vanilla (Previously Natural) and Wild Cherry Punch

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