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Universal Oxygen "E" Cylinder Holder With Iv Pole Attachment

by Drive

Category: Wheelchairs

Product Description

The Drive Medical Universal Wheelchair Oxygen "E" Cylinder Holder with I.V. Pole is perfect for people who need to bring their Oxygen tanks with them on the go. The cylinder holder easily attaches to the wheelchair, while the protruding bar holds the cylinder in place while moving. The holder even comes with a universal spacing sleeve allowing the holder to accomodate other types of wheelchairs. The I.V. Pole Attachment also comes included with this model allowing you to bring any necessary medication with you. The Universal Wheelchair Oxygen "E" Cylinder Holder is a necessity for anyone who needs to bring their oxygen with them wherever they go.

Features and Benefits
  • Universal spacing sleeve can be added or removed to accommodate a secure fit with additional models
  • Protruding Bar holds Oxygen Cylinder in place
  • Holds "E" Cylinder Tanks
  • Comes with I.V. Pole attachment
Product Specification
  • Holds E Cylinders
Model # STDS804

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Product Specifications

  • Product UPC: 822383106946
  • Alergy: Latex Free
  • Product Installation: Installation Required
  • Product Assembly: No Assembly Required
  • Warrenty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Product Weight: 6.5

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