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Millennial Crutches, Pair Underarm Fits 4'7"-5'7" (Short)

Category: Canes / Crutches

Charcoal gray
Standard Pair: for people 4'7" to 5'6"
Adjusts from 49 to 62 in height
Weight: 2.5 lb per crutch
400 lb. weight capacity

A Crutch that works with you not against you.  Ergonomically designed comfortable crutch that helps the patient maintain proper posture, relieves damaging stress and reduces the overall chance of injury.  Conventional crutches are not ergonomically designed and their users run the risk of serious injury


  • Underarm Cradle
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Folding Design
  • Extended Range
  • Shock Absorber/Power Assist

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