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Category: Pediatric

x:panda is a multi-adjustable dynamic seat, delivered in 4 different sizes - each seat with up to 4” in seat width and depth adjustment coupled with sliding back growth.

The back is dynamic, making it possible for the child to extend and push back against relatively light resistance and then regain the desired sitting position. The back is lockable which could be preferred in feeding situations and required when being used in transportation. The back can also be angled to make it possible to seat the child with either an open or closed hip angle.

The x:panda seat complies with ISO 16840-4

Dynamic back
The x:panda has a unique dynamic back that absorbs the energy of extension and returns the child to upright sitting without compromising pelvic positioning

Overlap in sizing means that the starting option always offers the maximum growth potential coupled with individual leg positioning

Individual growth in width, depth and back height extend the life of the seat and accomodate the greatest range of sizes for any chair on the market

The point for rotation (recline of the back) is close to the axis of the hips which means that the back support maintains the correct position and minimizes shear

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