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Advance Plus Pocket Intermittent Catheter

Category: Urological

Product Benefits 

  • Discreet, convenient, easy to use
  • Same product, same reimbursement, 60% smaller package
  • Compact packaging for convenient storage and carrying
  • Catheterize anywhere with the touch free closed catheter system
  • No additional gel needed for intermittent catheterization

Product Features

  • Protective Tip
  • Touch Free 1500 ml Collection Bag
  • Gel Reservoir
  • Large Bag Handle

Available in Straight Pocket 10fr, 12fr, 14fr and 16fr

Stock # Description HCPCS Size Unit of Measure 93104 Straight Pocket A4353 10 fr 100 per box 93124 Straight Pocket A4353 12 Fr 100 per box 93144 Straight Pocket A4353 14 Fr 100 per box 93164 Straight Pocket A4353 16 Fr 100 per box

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