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Polyurethane Ureteral Catheter

by Bard

Category: Urological

BARD offers a full range of ureteral catheters. Ureteral catheters can be used for a number of functions such as maintaining drainage, infusion of contrast media and ureteral dilation. BARD® manufactures high quality single-use polyurethane ureteral catheters that provide excellent handling characteristics, proper flexibility and resistance to kinking. Ureteral catheters are available in a variety of sizes and tip configurations. They come packaged sterile for single use.


•Flexible Tip – Designed to allow access to a tortuous ureter.

•Shaft Quality – BARD® Polyurethane Ureteral Catheters have an exclusive high quality shaft that is flexible and smooth for greater patient comfort.

•Ease of Identification – Color-coded distal end for ureteral identification; Red-right, Blue-left.

•Ease of Use–Single use product for convenience and assured sterility.

•Complimentary Line – Various sizes and tip configurations for a variety of procedures.

•All polyurethane ureteral catheters are radiopaque, graduated and packaged sterile.

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