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Tena Flex

by Tena

Category: Incontinence

Tena Flex is the latest innovative product in our line-up. Tena Flex is a fully breathable product because it contains the unique Air Dry Layer. The Air Dry Layer allows for all-around air circulation while locking fluid into the absorbent core, helping to maintain a natura lskin environment. Tena Flex features the modern hook and loop fastening for unlimited refastenability. Tena Flex also features front and back Comf-i-fit double waist elastics for a better, more discreet fit. 

Standing Gathers to ensure a comfortable body-close fit. Because of the unique innovative design, Tena Flex can be easily self removed and self applied without having to completely remove outer garments such as slacks or pantyhose. With two absorbency levels, Super for heavy protection and Maxi for extended use and maximum protection, Tena Flex is sure to improve your quality of life.

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  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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